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Business Owners

The most successful businesses are in a constant state of evolution. Every business owner wants growth, new customers, and innovation! After years of dedication and commitment, you may wonder what’s next for your business.

Our team is passionate about empowering hard-working business owners with guidance and education. We offer creative financial and tax solutions, as well as a plan to transition the business to a successor and move into retirement. Put a contingency plan in place should something happen to you. We give our clients access to a large network of professionals to help you successfully achieve your business and personal goals.

Integrating Business and Personal Finances and Investments

Succession Planning

Taking into consideration that all situations are different we at Cornerstone follow a well thought out process to succession planning, which includes bringing in all of the business owners advisors to discuss the following.


Pre-Sale Planning: Business advisory and critical steps to get your business ready for sale. We pool all of your advisors to


Exit Strategies: Tax strategies for your liquidity event, business exit, and succession planning.


Tax Efficient Portfolios: Customized for your specific wealth objectives, risk tolerance, and future plans.


Employee Benefits

At Cornerstone Financial Partners & Associates, we act as a coach in your corner so that you can focus on your employees and their well-being. Our approach is to take the burden off of you the employer By stepping in assist your employees .


We will guide you through everything from regulatory compliance and budgeting to strategic planning, while we help your employees understand the value of their benefits and to use their programs wisely. We want them to know they have more than insurance, they have great, Medica, ancillary and retirement plan benefits. 



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