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Estate Planning

Estate planning is much more than creating a will – it involves a number of important steps, such as establishing trusts and creating powers of attorney, to reducing the overall tax burden it will face. Cornerstone Financial Partners & Associates LLC can ease the process of integrating your estate plan with your overall financial goals and coordinate the preparation of legal documents by your estate attorney. 

Beyond the fundamental step of creating a will, estate planning can involve a number of key aspects, ranging from establishing trusts and creating a powers of attorney, to planning to reduce your taxable estate, including through charitable gifting. Your Cornerstone Financial Partners & Associates, LLC advisor can facilitate the integration of your estate plan—including elements such as those mentioned in the preceding section—with your wealth management goals and coordinate the preparation of legal documents by your outside estate attorney. 


The Cornerstone Financial Partners & Associates, LLC team will work with you to ensure your legacy wishes  are achieved by fully integrating your goals into a checklist that encompasses all four steps of our Peace of Mind Planning Model.



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