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Property & Casualty Insurance

Personal Insurance

Cornerstone Financial Partners & Associates, LLC is a leader in servicing the personal insurance needs of both individuals and families. Our personal risk management methods assist you in safeguarding your home, automobiles, fine art, jewelry, collectibles and other high-value items near and dear to your heart.

Business Insurance

Cornerstone Financial Partners & Associates, LLC can aid you in tackling your business insurance needs, such as business liability, workers’ compensation, and employee benefits plans as well as minimalize the disturbances a catastrophe could bring to your business. We will mitigate your exposure, provide general counsel, and negotiate with providers to find the optimal and most suitable products and solutions.

Captive Insurance: A Risk Management Solution for Businesses

Captive insurance helps manage the insurance risks of running a business while at the same time providing additional benefits not usually associated with commercial insurance. Captive insurance is obtained through a captive insurance company (from here on out called a ‘captive’. This company can be established by the owner of the primary company that wishes to be insured. This allows the primary business to take control of its own risk management strategies by allowing it to insure itself against risks which are not usually available or are prohibitively expensive in the regular insurance market.


This form of insurance is usually less expensive than traditional commercial insurance because it can be customized to the exact needs of the primary business. Additionally, because the primary business and the captive often share the same owner, the insurance company can be less of a drain on resources due to favorable tax advantages associated with wealth preservation. 



Captive insurance is an old and proven risk mitigation strategy, traditionally used by larger corporations – many on the Fortune 500 make use of captives or started out as captives. Recently, changes in law have allowed small- to mid-sized businesses to employ the same captive insurance strategies that larger companies have used for years. Cornerstone Financial Partners & Associates provides captive insurance consulting services designed to guide businesses through the process of establishing and managing a captive. 



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